Ok, ok, no sign of an iPad Air 3 at Immaculate Conception Elementary. Just an iPad 4ft high and 3ft long. This special edition iPad displays an app for every IC student born in the month of May.

Student iPad birthday boardI created the birthday iPad board in Pages. I manually set my Pages document size to 36” wide and 48” long and viewed it in 25%. I knew the number of apps I needed to display and inserted a table to configure the grid to allow the program to do the calculating work for me in regards to how much space between apps, etc. Doing it to scale would make it crystal clear just how big each piece of the board would need to be.

iPad board mock-upI found the app images by doing a google image search typing iPad app icons. I clicked and dragged the icons I liked into a separate Pages document. From there I sized them and inserted a text box on top of the icon manually setting opacity to 76%. That way the student’s name would stand out in addition to being able to still see the app underneath.

 Birthday board appsI had an Excel spreadsheet listing each name and birthday which I copy and pasted to eliminate any spelling errors. I picked my font by doing a quick online search to find out which fonts Apple uses. In the end there were about 6 letter size pages in colour printed, along with the black iPad boarder which was measured by hand on poster board. Everything was run through the laminator and manually cut. Board assembly went quick having the scale mock board printout near by for reference.

Theresa Corpus creates an amazing birthday board each month for the school. Thank you Theresa for allowing me to be apart of the process for May. This board pales in comparison to the countless beauties you’ve created.