I completely agree that things are just that…things. I wake up every morning (ok, almost…I’m only human) thinking today is a brand new day, a new start, and there is something new to be discovered or learned or appreciate that doesn’t cost a penny.

But I also have my wish list as well, every once and a while a loonie or two gets thrown into my “wish list” fund. The very top of my list is an Apple Watch, most likely a future blog post. Not sure what I’d write about other then the embarrassing truth that I visit apple.com just to browse at the watch waaaaay more then I would care to admit.

Second on my list is an iPad with Touch ID and Air Drop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my current iPad and it serves me extremely well. I’d just hate for it’s feelings to get hurt if it knew my eyes were looking at a newer model.

Coming in third on my wish list is Snap Circuits. My school owns a set and I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Snap Circuits and really enjoy them. My favourite part about them is that they can be used from grades 2-12 so project difficulty can be tailored accordingly. More of my initial thoughts on Snap Circuits can be found in my 1 min and 39 second YouTube video.