I’ve always been in awe of people who are proficient in Adobe Photoshop. Over the years I’ve dabbled here and there, every time giving up out of frustration. Clicking around and trying to navigate on my own would always get me nowhere fast. What I should have done was just taken a quick course to learn the basics. Learning Photoshop is still on my bucket list although I’ve come across many free apps that have allowed me to produce creative images in the meantime. One free photo app that I use frequently is Aviary. When I tweeted this picture below I had some people ask me how I created the colour splash effect. While I’d like to say it’s a very intricate detailed process, it’s embarrassingly easy. Here were the steps I took to create it. Keep in mind I’m an Apple diehard so these instructions are for iOS. 

From the app store search and download Aviary, it’s free. Below is the app icon to look for. The blurred apps are also photo related, I will dedicate future posts talking about the cool features they offer as well.

Once downloaded open the Aviary app. You now have two choices, pick an image from your camera roll or take a picture in real time. For this demo purpose you will see I selected the top ride side picture from my camera roll.

Once your image is up select splash. The word splash is located at the bottom right hand side of your screen.

 Now select smart colour located at the bottom middle of your screen.  With your finger colour in all the parts of the picture you would like to fill with colour. You can see in the picture below I only ran my finger within the iPad carrying cases.Once you’ve finished splashing your picture select apply an the top right hand corner. Now select save in the top right hand corner.  Now to decide where you want to send this picture. If you press done at the top right hand corner your picture will save to your camera roll. Alternatively you can select one of the platforms listed at the bottom of the image below to post it to. With either action, once you press the done button a copy of your finished picture will appear in your camera roll. If you save it to your camera roll to use later, just grab the pic from your camera roll from Twitter or Instagram or even email the picture from your camera roll.

Happy splashing!

*Side note – Aviary is also the app I use to draw on my pictures, the draw feature sits directly left to the splash feature.*