Free. Simply put the best price ever for a sixty minute workshop where most likely you will experience at least one aha ha moment. The ground under me shifted slightly when I heard an Apple Store was opening within a fifteen minute drive from my home. My New Year’s resolution this year is to attend every single workshop offered at the store, even if I thought I was proficient in a certain topic. I quickly learned after attending my first workshop that each Apple trainer injects their own tips/tricks/ideas and there is always something new to learn. I’m well on my way through the workshops. This is a list and description of the workshops offered, not all that are offered are displayed here.

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Apple workshop 2While the content of each workshop is obviously interesting. From my experience there really isn’t a typical workshop attendee, a wide demographic for sure. I am intrigued by the people who I sit with at the workshops. Are you familiar with Humans of New York? Well I give you my own unofficial Humans of Apple Workshops.

*iMovie for iPad: A grandmother who was learning the basics to create a sports reel of the footage she took of her grandson playing hockey. An elementary school teacher looking to combine all the footage she took of her students telling jokes for their year-end celebration.

*Pages for Mac: A realtor looking to write-up contracts in Pages on her iPhone 6.

*iCloud Basics: A business man looking to understand how his google contacts and google calendar can be viewed and/or combined with his iPhone calendar and contacts.

*iMovie for iMac: Two people in attendance. Myself and a 9 year old boy who may very well run Apple in twenty years. I sat beside him pretending I didn’t hang off every question he had (which weren’t many because I think the Apple trainer did a great job keeping the workshop flowing at a pace that kept him engaged) and comment he made. He was there to take his already impressive movies he created to new heights.

*GarageBand: Not sure where the attendees came from for this workshop. All I know is they were loud and asked way too many questions. Kidding, kidding! My colleagues Chris Prime, Ramona MedeirosMike SchultzMark Pepe, and Mallory Schille were awesome and picked it up way faster than me. Mike Schultz even live blogged during the worksop. Click here to view.

To sign up for a workshop you need to have an Apple ID. Visit or click here to take you right to Apple’s workshop area of the site. I leave you with a tweet from March 15th, information I learned while attending the workshop iCloud Basics.

iCloud tweet