For the student who finds freehand drawing unsavoury, this adapted dot art assignment included tech in hopes of encouraging engagement. The student completed the adapted dot art in such minimal time, in the end went on to complete a hand drawn version as well.

Original assignment: Search online and print a Disney character in order to hand draw using dot art format. Another student handed the below assignment in with no adaptations.


Adapted assignment: On iPad using the dot ART app choose a picture from the camera roll saved from google images. Adjust settings accordingly within dot ART app to create dot art picture. Save to iPad camera roll and print in colour.

Original image left. Dot art image created on right. Printed assignment below.

image2 image3


Adapted version above sparked more creativity. Student moved on to create a hand drawn version below. Yeesssss!


During my prep time I completed a sample assignment and saved it to the iPad camera roll. I used the example when explaining the assignment. Original image left. Dot art image created on right.

IMG_0811 IMG_0812

If you are interested in downloading the free dot ART app this is what to look for in the app store.