Back in the 80’s hockey cards played a significant role in my childhood elementary school recess experience. “Scramble, this years hockey cards!” would be yelled out at random with chaos quickly ensuing, combined with countless hours spent tossing hockey cards against the school yard wall in hopes I would be the closest and win both cards. These days hockey cards take a back seat to the mighty Pokemon.

For a student who benefits from extra support in the transition department, I created a fun fact card on each of the staff members who would be working directly with the student the following school year. InspiredTrading card by the classic hockey cards from long ago the student was given the pack of cards on the last day of school to take home. Over the summer perhaps the cards would be put on the fridge or simply pulled out and read every once in a while to build familiarity.

The staff was happy to provide their fun facts and a picture of themselves. I myself enjoyed reading the fun facts and had a laugh when I first read “I once ate fried grasshoppers in Thailand”, a fun fact indeed.

This is just one of many strategies which help facilitate a smooth transition between grades. Other ideas include creating pictures books, creating videos, and visits to the new environment.