A typical Saturday morning sees me in my mini-van shuttling kids around to activities such as dance practices, hockey games, and swimming lessons. On the radio depending what time in the morning it is, I’m either listening to the TED Radio Hour or Get Connected, both on CKNW.

This past Saturday while listening to the TED Radio Hour a TED Talk clip caught my interest. Since then I’ve watched the talk online and although this particular TED Talk is from 2012, its still relevant. Rachel Botsman speaks on the power of collaboration and sharing through network technologies. I think you would enjoy hearing the talk as well.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch three TED Talks in Mike Schultz‘s classroom. While watching you could hear a pin drop in the room, the students were just that into watching. I found each talk just as engaging as the students did.

Here is another interesting talk referred to me by Maurice Jacob which may interest the student who’s hobbies include robotics.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 1.25.00 PM

Come September I look forward to sitting in the audience at TEDxWestVancouverEd. If this is something that interests you, click here to find more information on their website.

Are there any TED Talks you recommend I should include in my summer watching list? If yes, would enjoy hearing from you.