Elementary school. Intermediate grade art. Students were asked to look closely at the Van Gogh painting Bedroom in Arles below and use it as inspiration to draw their own version.

For the studPencil sketchent who finds freehand drawing unsavoury, an adapted version was created using the app Pencil Sketch. Using an iPad the student was asked to take a picture of their favourite chair located in the school, in this case the chair happened to be a blue bean bag chair. The Pencil Sketch app was opened and the photo was imported in from the iPad camera roll. Once ‘Pencil’ was chosen from the Imageoptions displayed at the bottom of the app screen, the photo transformed into a sketch drawing. The new creation was saved to, and printed from, the iPad camera roll. From there a bit of colouring by hand was added for the finishing touch.

Inspiration: Von Gogh – Bedroom in Arles

Completed assignment – adapted 

Completed assignment – no adaptions