In 2015 revealing you don’t have cable and a land line doesn’t convey the same message it did even as recently as five years ago. The majority of content viewed on cable can be found online, and the price to own and operate a mobile device has become more and more affordable slowly making the land line obsolete.

I’m stating the obvious here…access to content and resources in general has never been easier. Why people are online and how they access information is different for everyone. One huge lesson I learned during the 2014-2015 school year happened to be online related…quite simply it was how Twitter can help my personal learning. I’ve had a Twitter account since 2009 and had only ever been an observer, never an active participant. In a nut shell Twitter for me has now become a place of education related personal learning. This year on Twitter I spent time on the pages of, and been inspired by, people I admire professionally. I started and continue to increase my own PLN, created lists within Twitter to enhance my experience, participated in twitter chats, and attended a conference & EdCamp while at the same time following the Twitter conversation through the event hashtag.

Of all my social media accounts I found TwitterScreen Shot 2015-06-13 at 2.21.15 PM the toughest to navigate. That changed for me when I learned that accessing my Twitter account through Hootsuite or Tweetdeck removes the mystery by visually laying things out. Here is a peek at what I am looking at when viewing Twitter through Tweedeck on my iMac. At first glance it looks a little busy, but in actuality the columns you see are what removes the mystery.

As an Education Assistant I’ve found following through Twitter the #specialedchat and #spedchat hashtags to be a good resource. Both hashtags have twitter chats as well.

Twitter chat – #specialedchat
Unless this chat continues over summer break my participation is unlikely as it’s held every Tuesday at 8:00amPST and 1:00pmPST.

Twitter chat – #spedchat
Currently on summer break, there is #spedchat chat held every Tuesday at 6:00pmPST resuming when school is back in session.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 3.48.29 PMI could go on listing all the benefits of using Twitter when in reality many others have shared their thoughts much more eloquently then I ever could. has a great post regarding all things Twitter.

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To follow is the ever so popular Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach analogy of Twitter being like a river. The river keeps flowing but sometimes you might just walk past and have a quick look, sometimes you might hang around a dip your toes in, other times you might spend hours swimming around. You can use Twitter as your time and inclination permits!