IMG_3667Don’t aim for balance, pursue harmony.

This one sentence spoken to me by my Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Carmen Tanaka, at the beginning of July has resonated with me. To the point it has been on my mind daily this summer. This momma is not unlike most and at times walks while juggling several balls in the air. I’m happy to juggle them, I just feel terrible guilt that most of the time the balls aren’t equally balanced. I always seem to fall one step short in achieving balance, so why exactly am I always trying to shoot toward such a moving target?

As the new school year begins I’ve decided to say goodbye to the word balance and let go of all the emotions it seems to carry for me. Balance you are officially being replaced with the word harmony. Harmony still strives to make good food choices, exercise, drink plenty of water, be attuned to loved ones, and participate in activities of personal & professional interest. I’m just going to remind myself to regularly exhale along the way and put away the measuring ruler.

The ride to pursue harmony seems a lot less bumpy and forgiving then the ride to pursue balance.