As mentioned in my tweet yesterday evening. Although I was 24 days late to the party, I finally watched Apple’s September announcement. All 139 glorious minutes. Not wanting to miss a beat, I watched the announcement and took notes along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 5.34.25 PM

Lucky me and not coincidental at all my errands today had me at the Apple store to purchase a gift for my brother, a portable power charge for lighting devices. Yes I could have purchased this from Best Buy, like that was going to happen! Opportunity knocked to go check-out the iPhone 6s at the Apple store itself so I took it.

As soon as I picked up the iPhone 6s I dove into 3D Touch, it’s pretty awesome. Apple’s Craig Federighi goes on to explain 3D Touch. *If reading my post via email, visit my site directly to view the clip*

I also enjoyed exploring the Live Photo feature. I say feature, but one does nothing different when taking a photo to activate it. Apple’s Phil Schiller goes on to explain Live Photo. *If reading my post via email, visit my site directly to view the clip*

Aside from the core apps, I’m always interested to view what other apps appear on store demo devices. Those apps aren’t pre-loaded on the device when buying new. So who picks the extra apps that get loaded on the demos? What is the selection process? Are the extra apps on the demo devices different in every country? The store was busy and I certainly didn’t want to target a poor Apple employee and pepper him/her with my random questions.

These apps were loaded on the iPhone 6s I was looking at. I took these pics in order to refer back when time allows to do a bit of research on a few of them.

IMG_3802 IMG_3803 IMG_3804

November will see me back to the Apple store to check out in person the iPad Pro. Tim Cook said “iPad is the clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing.” I better understood this message after watching this 36min iPad Pro announcement. Incredible. *If reading my post via email, visit my site directly to view the clip*