As an education assistant, supporting the individualized goals set for the student as described in their IEP means keeping a ‘toolbox’ filled with fresh ideas, age appropriate core supports, strategies, and adapted/modified material. Always do I have one eye open while online for education related resources and ideas. Having said that, not for a moment do I forget the valuable resources in my own backyard, the brilliant co-workers around me.

Cue Chat One Eighty. The in house, self-driven, record breaking fast, professional development chat. There is no prior agenda or preparation needed to host Chat One Eighty other then setting a chat date/time and getting the word out to co-workers. Content is contributed by attendees who you ask to provide an answer as general or detailed as they wish to three simple questions.

  1. Something working out right now.
  2. Something you are struggling with.
  3. New discoveries, re-discoveries, new ideas, borrowed ideas.

Why is it called Chat One Eighty? Three minutes is equal to one hundred eighty seconds which is the maximum amount of time each attendee has to contribute. If an attendee hears something that is of interest, they are asked to make a note of it and follow up accordingly outside the chat. This ensures immediate chat adjournment following the last contributor.

On occasion I’ve tweeted about Chat One Eighty and am thrilled to share all the details below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.13.29 PM

Chat One Eighty

Click here if you would like to download the document displayed above.

Click here if you would like to download the document displayed below. Handy to have during Chat One Eighty on the table as a reminder of what the questions are.

ChatOneEightyIn the spirit of a Chat One Eighty countdown timer. Doesn’t listening to this clip take you right back to watching a certain evening newsmagazine television program?