Recently I came across a wonderful online resource The Autism Helper. In addition to their extraordinary website/blog I subscribe to, I’ve come across them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 8.46.20 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-17 at 8.46.13 PM

The Autism Helper website covers academic, behaviour, and communication content. When I say content, they fully BREAK. IT. DOWN. There are visuals everywhere! I haven’t come across a blog post yet without a visual. Content is rich and presented in a simple and fresh format.

This school year Friday afternoons see me in the kitchen. How wonderful since I have exactly ZERO student cooking recipes in my tool box. Eeek! Good thing I work along side of great education assistants who double as expert kitchen leaders from years of Friday afternoon cooking sessions. The Autism Helper describes cooking as a fun way to target following directions, sequencing, requesting, learning new vocabulary concepts, answering questions, and turn-taking with peers. I couldn’t agree more.

How delighted I was last week to receive an email update from The Autism Helper that not only introduced me to the recipe Pumpkin Fluff, it included step-by-step student visual instructions plus comprehension questions to be completed after the students finish eating. The timing was perfect and operation Pumpkin Fluff planning began.

Click here for more information on Pumpkin Fluff as featured in The Autism Helper. *Picture below copied from The Autism Helper website.*


Pumpkin Fluff was made on Friday and I’m happy to report it was a hit. Left over Pumpkin Fluff was packaged up and sent home along with a little Halloween spider also crafted that afternoon.



I’ve bookmarked The Autism Helper and look forward to making my way through all of its content over time.