6:20p.m. Sunday evening. I’m with husband and our two hangry kids. Son’s ice hockey game just finished and we are dining at a local family restaurant that may or may not serve kids meals inside cardboard pirate ships. It was quite the wait for our meal and with every passing minute the easy family atmosphere was heading south…and fast.

Enter the Heinz ketchup bottle at our table. The label caught my eye. It read “Trivial Pursuit. Family edition. Scan the code to start the fun.”


Hey, why not? We did have the time. A welcome distraction while waiting for our dinner to arrive at our table. I’ve read a bit about QR codes and fun ways to incorporate them in the classroom. The perfect opportunity for a first experience.


I went to the app store on my phone and downloaded the first free QR code scanner that popped up.


Once it dowloaded I scanned the QR code on the back of the Heinz ketchup bottle through the app and voilà! Before I knew it our attention was diverted away from our hunger and taken to the Heinz table games trivia page, where our family enjoyed passing time playing Trivial Pursuit. An unexpected hit!


My first QR code experience was seamless, and fun! Now to transfer this fun to the classroom and sneak some learning in there. A quick Google search of QR codes in the classroom brings up mountains of websites. Now to sift through it all, although nothing is better then PLN suggestions and advice. Have you seen, can suggest any great sites to check-out, or used QR codes, in an elementary school setting? Would love to hear your thoughts!