Our family received sad news yesterday. Our family pet for a time, a very loveable chicken named Brownie, passed away yesterday. A racoon managed to gain entry to the chicken pen.

My husband one day came home with an incubator and two dozen fertilized eggs. Did I mention we don’t live on a farm? The adventure began right then and there and the learning began, not just for our kids, but for me as well.

Our son took the news extremely hard about Brownie, he and Brownie shared a special little bond. I’m more thankful than ever technology is as accessible and user friendly as it is. I spent the evening on the computer last night putting together a iMovie for my son so he may always remember his buddy Brownie and for my daughter, so she may never forget her “baby chicks.”

In loving memory of Brownie DiNunzio. March 31, 2013 – November 21, 2015. RIP.

Click here or the picture below to view our chicken adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.02.36 AM