My 10 year daughter is crafty, in fact she is more crafty than I’ll ever be. She is also extremely observant. Her recent birthday gift to me is what inspired this post, I’ll get back to that in a moment. In the meantime, take a look at these two sets of non-verbal communication rings, intended for discreet and silent student prompting. The sound and tone of my voice is out of the mix, a huge advantage at times. A must prior to use, front-loading student on what each card means/looks like/sounds like using video modeling, social stories, pictures, role play, etc. Some days the ring comes in very handy, some days the ring isn’t used at all. I’ve experienced enough quiet successes and silent wins to continue using it as an alternate method in communicating.

This first non-verbal communication ring includes the 5 point scale referencing voice levels. Examples of use.

  • I’ll carry the ring in my pocket, prior to entering a classroom I’ll acknowledge what noise level the class is at and point to which voice level the student should be entering in and using.
  • I’ll bring ring to school assembly and discreetly point to voice level expectation as needed.
  • Student working in classroom, as I’m walking by I’ll discreetly place the ring at expected voice level on desk and collect the ring again a short time after.


This second non-verbal communication ring displays eight statements. This ring was used in a different class and with a different student than the ring above. I used this ring just as discreetly as the ring above. At times all that was needed was a quick discreet show of the card i.e. raise hand before speaking. Below are the explanation pages I created to assist the student with understanding exactly what each card on the ring means.


Now to share what inspired me to write this post. My daughter created a home set of non-verbal communication cards and gave them to me for my birthday last Saturday. Like I mentioned above, my little lady is observant and crafty and I love her to pieces. My observations on her crafty work:img_1674

  • do not bug mom for how long she says *Wow, I wonder just how looooong I can get away with? Hmmmm.*
  • Shower know! *Note the underline and exclamation mark. Unless its summer and she’s jumping into a lake my little lady’s #1 priority is not heading to the shower.*
  • take out the garbage/recycling *Yes! She understands there is a difference between the garbage bin and recycling bin.*
  • clean your closet or room *Usually tidy without prompts from me. This card may collect some dust.*
  • do the dish’s *Not a task I ask her to do often, but it’s underlined so clearly the task has made an impression*
  • Make your lunch/snack/breakfast/dinner *Make own breakfast, check. Make own snack, check. Make own lunch, depends. Make own dinner, not yet.*
  • wash your car! *She wishes. Ha!*
  • sweep the floor *Go for it.*
  • landry right know!!!!!! *My personal favourite. Note the underline and SIX exclamation points. This task request alone may have been the one that prompted the non-verbal communication ring.*