Twice this week the issue regarding inability to record audio or access camera roll photos within an iPad app has come up. i.e. – YouTube voice dictation, Chrome voice dictation, voice narration within a storybook type app.

In general when an app is originally loaded onto an iPad (or any iOS device), pop-ups may appear asking for permission to access things like the iPad’s microphone and camera roll. If permission had not been granted and you find yourself within an app unable to record your voice or not able to access the iPad’s camera roll, here is the manual way to turn on permission.

Step 1: Select settings icon


Step 2: Select privacy


Step 3: Select the item you would like to give the app permission to access. In this example I’ve selected the iPad’s microphone.
*Note the many apps listed under privacy that has an option to allow other apps to access. i.e. – contacts, calendars, media library*


Step 4: You will see a list of all apps loaded onto your iOS device that you may or may not wish to grant permission to access your microphone. Sliding to the right grants access, sliding to the left restricts access.


Perhaps this small tip may save time and remove frustration down the road should you find yourself troubleshooting this type of scenario.