Step 1:  Join Twitter.
Step 2: Follow people who interest you.
Step 3: Unfollow people who aren’t the right fit for your PLN ‘personal learning network’.
Step 4: Enjoy reading a steady stream of content that interests you in your Twitter feed. “Twitter is like a river. The river keeps flowing but sometimes you might just walk past and have a quick look, sometimes you might hang around a dip your toes in, other times you might spend hours swimming around. You can use Twitter as your time and inclination permits!” – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
Step 5: Don’t forget to sign up for Hootsuite or TweetDeck to customize your Twitter experience. Both provide the tools to format your Twitter account into an organizational masterpiece, making Twitter much more easier to navigate.

Step 6: The reason for my post today. If you like Flipboard, you’ll LOVE the app Nuzzel. Sign up for Nuzzel and allow it to sync to your Twitter account. Nuzzel produces a feed of articles your PLN tweet about in a clean and simple format, minus their orginal Tweet.

I first heard about Nuzzel from video podcast iOS Today and have been enjoying Nuzzel ever since. I took some screen shots of my Nuzzel account to explain the app further.

The first white dot within my red circle shows I’m reading articles Tweeted by who I follow on Twitter. Who Tweeted about it shows up below the article.

If I swipe page right, it takes me to the next white dot ‘friends of friends’. Likely this feed would interest me because I’m now seeing articles Tweeted by people I don’t follow on Twitter, but Tweeted by someone my PLN follows.

If I swipe right once more I’m now on Nuzzel’s discover feed where news is grouped by subject and content is sourced outside of Twitter feeds. If you favourite a subject by pressing the star icon, a brand new swipe right page is created showing a running feed on that topic exclusivity.

Download Nuzzel at these links: