Sometimes the most simplest routines need a visual to assist in conquering before slowly fading out the prompt once mastered and moving on to a new goal to work on. Take for instance arriving at school and the steps taken before even entering class. Earning four checkmarks for expected hallway hook management, yes please! Talk about instant gratification and starting off the day with a four check win.

What I really like about this visual is the checkmarks are attached, not floating. No finding checkmarks on the floor or scrambling to find lost ones. They fold over and adhere using velcro.

The steps I took implementing this visual:

  • Week #1 – I stood beside the visual. I read out each instruction and modelled flipping the checkmark over once step was completed.
  • Week #2 – I stood beside the visual. Rather than speaking out each instruction, I pointed to each instruction and modelled flipping the checkmark over once step was complete.
  • Week #3 – I stood beside the visual. I pointed to each instruction and the student flipped checkmark over once step was complete.
  • Week #4 – I faded out my finger point prompting. I stood beside the visual and redirected only when necessary. Independently the student referred to the visual and flipped each checkmark over once step was complete.
  • Week #5 – The fifth week I positioned myself a few feet away and only intercepted if it looked like the student had missed a step and was entering the classroom. At that pointed I’d casually redirect the student back to the visual and discreetly point to the missed step.
  • In time once this routine has been mastered, the physical proximity to the student decreases and the visual prompt faded out only to be brought back out in times of routine reminders. Perhaps back from a long break from school, a new school year, or an irregular school day.
    **Note this student has three hooks beside each other, each hook has a visual of the item which should hang from it. The shelf above the hooks also has a lunch bag visual.


For a free copy of this visual click the image below. 
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.23.07 PM